Honeysticks is a true family business. A partnership between 2 growing families brings to life a range of products made to provide our children with a more natural range of creative & developmental products.


Luke & young Harpa relish in finding and making products that are just better. Luke who runs the business day to day brings a history of sales, marketing and product management to the table. Luke has a passion for sustainability and a desire to bring a little slice of New Zealand creativity to the world. Luke and Harpa spend their time getting outdoors around the West Coast beaches of New Zealand, aka Home.

Will & Claire

Claire, Will and their tribe of 4 girls are the perfect testing ground! Now based down on the shores of Lake Wanaka, Will works with Luke full time to manage and grow the business both locally and globally. As a family leading an outdoor lifestyle they are always seeking to reduce the footprint they leave behind!


How could we forget Kev. Kev has been in the business of making crayons for 25 years, but is now enjoying some well deserved time off. It was Kev’s alchemist knowledge and experimentation that led to the formulation of our beautiful beeswax crayons - which we think are some of the best examples on the market. Kev has a passion for both quality and crayons. To our knowledge, he’s the oldest crayon maker in New Zealand (both in age and in time at the coal face). This crayon elder statesman is the Honeysticks' ace in the hole!