Why You Should Choose Beeswax Crayons For Your Child


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Why You Should Choose Beeswax Crayons For Your Child

There’s so much to love about beeswax crayons. They’re the perfect tool when it comes to developing that all-important pencil grip for your child – plus, they let their imagination run wild. From the short, stubby hand of a toddler furiously scribbling across paper, to the more precise and guided grip of the preschooler, trying their hardest to stay in the lines; beeswax crayons are that magical tool that can come with you anywhere.

Pack them up into a pencil case and keep your little one entertained wherever you go, from flights to cafes, doctor’s surgeries and other appointments. Simply pull out some paper and beeswax crayons and their little minds will be transported as their imaginations take over.

But, which crayons are best for your child?

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Why We Need To Know What’s In Our Crayons

As you are no doubt aware, kids – especially those under the age of two – love putting things in their mouth. While we spend half our day worrying about choking and toxin hazards from the materials they are choosing to pop in there, if the object is safe, there is no harm leaving them be.

Popping things in your mouth at a young age is our way of exploring the world as humans. We are testing new textures, shapes, toys, different body parts and so much more. This is also used as a way to calm ourselves when we’re upset or worried. By placing their hands or toys in your toddlers mouth, they can find some much-needed comfort. This is the reason so many babies develop thumb-sucking from a young age. It’s a natural way for them to soothe themselves.

That doesn’t mean we should sit back and let them pop everything in their mouth. Keep a watchful eye on them as they explore this new world, and be ready to quickly take away an item or two to keep them safe along the way.

Drawing is such a big part of your baby's world from a young age. It’s a fabulous expression of creativity, and naturally, eco-crayons make for the perfect mouth toys! It’s only natural for your little one to want to pop their baby crayons in their mouth from time to time to further explore and learn. We can’t be hovering over our kids all the time. When they’re sitting up for drawing, you want to know they’re safe. This is why it’s so important to know what ingredients go into your crayons.

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Typical Crayon Ingredients

Many parents aren’t aware of what goes into a crayon when we purchase them. Some crayons spend more time in a toddler’s mouth than they do on paper, with this in mind, here’s what goes into a typical crayon:

  •   Wax base: this is usually paraffin wax.
  •   Colour & chemical pigments: these generally come in powdered form and the colour of the crayon is determined by the amount used.
  •   Additive: many crayons contain an extra additive to help strengthen the crayon, so it stays intact while your little one works on their masterpiece.

From a distance, this doesn’t look so bad. Let’s take a closer look at each of these ingredients, and exactly what they really mean for your child.

Paraffin wax is a white or colourless wax that’s made from saturated hydrocarbons. It’s a manmade product that is the result of the oil purification process. So, what exactly does this mean when it comes to crayons? Firstly, it’s not biodegradable, so is harming our environment. It can also cause low-carbon pollution. While the risk of toxins is relatively small, the body isn’t able to digest it. At the end of the day, it’s best avoided altogether.

At the same time, using pigments that haven’t been produced naturally are usually derived from coal tars and other petrochemicals. They are simply made through chemical reactions, and aren’t ideal when it comes to going into your toddler’s mouth.


beeswax crayons, non toxic crayons, baby crayons, babies first crayons, baby safe crayons, palm grip crayons

Why Choose Honeysticks Beeswax Crayons

Natural, eco-crayons are the way to go. You can let your little explorers loose, and know that while they are busy creating their masterpieces, they are completely safe. There’s no paraffin or petroleum products to worry about, and you’re not harming the environment in the process either.

The colours are just as gorgeous and vibrant, the crayons are just as strong to withstand those sturdy little hands, and they last just as long as their paraffin wax counterparts. The only difference is the materials that go into them, and they’re much better for your child and much better for the environment.

Here are just some of the perks that come with Honeysticks beeswax crayons:

  •   They’re safe! It doesn’t matter if little people want to pop them in their mouth and test out the texture, it’s completely safe for them to do so.
  •   They glide perfectly along the paper, helping your child create their amazing masterpiece with ease.
  •   Their colouring is amazing! It’s so bright and vibrant, it will inspire your child’s imagination to create.
  •   It’s made from a renewable resource and is 100% natural – you can’t beat that!
beeswax crayons, non toxic crayons, baby crayons, babies first crayons, baby safe crayons, palm grip crayons

Encouraging A Love Of Drawing

It’s great to get your kids scribbling from an early age. But don’t force it. All kids show interests in different things at different stages. Let them guide you along the way. That being said, don’t just leave crayons out and hope the moment inspires them, as you may find your walls and tables get a makeover in the process.

Here’s some tips to encourage them along the way:

  •   Invest in some Honeysticks beeswax crayons that are all-natural and safe to use.
  •   Find a drawing area that can be propped up. This can help develop their pencil grasp.
  •   Give them some ideas of things around them they can draw. It helps them learn to be inspired by things around them.
  •   Let them finish when they like. It might only last five minutes, they could sit there for much longer. Let them decide.

When armed with the right Honeysticks crayons, the sky is the limit when it comes to your kids and expressing their imagination. Let them go wild.